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Protection of a house in Thailand crocodile

Protection of a house in Thailand crocodile

Someone’s dog is in high esteem, but for some there is no better guard than an alligator. Two crocodiles serve as watchdogs for a resident of Thailand, Avirut Nathip in the province of Phitsanluok. The crocodile named Tong lives in the courtyard, and the second reptile, which is more nonsensical and aggressive in character – the crocodile Nguyen – is located in the basement of the house. For 15 years, the house under the “crocodile guard” has never been the object of theft, although burglary is a fairly common crime in Thailand. When the owners are on the second floor of the house, the crocodile lies at the door, so hardly anyone will venture into the house. Yes, and the neighbors do not particularly complain about the unusual guards and even happy, because their home thieves will also bypass the party, knowing that the crocodiles are nearby.

It should be noted that the use of crocodiles as pets guarding the house is not a particularly new idea. In China, the crocodile was often kept at the entrance to the courtyard in a box like a dog booth, where he was tightly tied with a long chain behind his hind leg. And in Australia, marine crocodiles of about two meters in length were offered for sale, which they propose to use instead of a sentinel dog or burglar alarm. True, the booth is not suitable for them. We’ll have to build a heated pool to keep such a guard.

And even in such a cold region as Siberia – in the Kuzbass district center of Yashkino, – lives a crocodile named Gena. Gena peacefully neighbors with his masters for more than 13 years, and during this time, the perpetrators never visited their house.

It is not known who performs better as a watchman – a dog or a crocodile. But the fact remains that the crocodile is the only animal that does not distinguish between man and his prey.

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